Women’s March

Written on 4/6/2017 Millions of people protested outside of the White House not only to emphasize women’s contributions to society as a reaction against President Trump and what is perceived as a setback to equality. Marie Richard, a 24-year-old social work major attended the march. She referred to the president’s past behavior, especially his interactions... Continue Reading →

SGA Elections

Written on 4/6/2017 With the election for Student Government fast approaching, students and faculty have raised concerns over issues in York College. Ranging from safe spaces to budgeting, people included their input as to how York’s atmosphere could be improved. Shanel Fowler, a 25-year-old Computer Science major gave her opinion over what could benefit students... Continue Reading →

In the wake of the death of fallen football star Aaron Hernandez, many people have shared their reactions to the news. Hernandez's death was particularly abrupt as he was appealing his 2013 conviction for the shooting death of his friend, Odin Lloyd. Some expressed sympathy for the deceased, while others believe the situation Hernandez was facing... Continue Reading →

Raccoon Sighted at York Cafeteria

Another raccoon had been spotted in the cafeteria recently, raising concerns over what seems to be a pest infestation. A photo of the raccoon peeking out from the ceiling in the cafeteria area, near the public safety office, had been posted on the York Cardinal app. Angel Taylor, an 18-year-old Physics major said, “My friend... Continue Reading →

York Panel Addresses Student Concerns

Written on 11-17-2016 Members of the York College faculty and administration held a one-on-one panel discussion on the second floor atrium. It had been made possible with the involvement of Student Government. The event allowed students to express their concerns within the school. Students who attended were given a choice to announce their feelings through... Continue Reading →

I’m Back!

Hello again, everyone! Sorry for not being as punctual with my posts, I'm back now to work on the website and post new stories.

York App Released

Written on 09-23-2016 The new YCC app is a social communications and academic organizer. YC Cardinal was created by Oohlala Mobile Inc., a Canada-based company that specializes in making student engagement online accessible and engaging. Up to now, they have worked with up to 200 academic institutions. The app was released this summer on August... Continue Reading →

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