August 21st, 2017

Happy...August 21st to everyone watching the eclipse. Whether you're at home or outside (wearing proper protection, of course), it is truly a beautiful thing to see. I have never seen an eclipse in real life before, so it was very interesting to see. For those who couldn't make it outside, you can check out a... Continue Reading →

Altering Photos

  Recently, my mother and I went to Queens Center Mall to do a few errands when we came across this wall. It was an advertisement of a store or something within the area and I thought it looked pretty cool. So my mom and I took a few photos. Originally, I just wanted to... Continue Reading →

My Experience With Photography

This year, I've had the opportunity to do and see many things. I got an internship at the local Rockaway newspaper The Wave, which will start in the Fall and learned how to operate a film camera. The one I own (which you've seen on the Home page) is a Nikon FM10. You can get... Continue Reading →

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