Chipotle’s Coming Soon at Jamaica Ave!

The construction of Chipotle’s Mexican Grill is still in the works. It is planned to be opened on December 14th. Photo by Brienne Kenlock   Many people are anticipating the opening of a new Chipotle Mexican Grill on Jamaica Avenue. The Jamaica Center Business Improvement District has been steadily planning the construction of the new... Continue Reading →

Deadline on DACA

CUNY has decided to protect undocumented students after the Trump Administration repealed the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). York College was one of many colleges that provided resources for at-risk students to maintain their status. This decision by the White House was not surprising, since President Trump promised during his campaign in 2016 to... Continue Reading →

Bigotry in America

York College held a town hall meeting a few weeks ago in the atrium, in which the subject was “The Trump Presidency and the Crisis of Bigotry in America”. The discussion centered around students and faculty sharing their views on what appears to be racial hatred on the uptake in the U.S. Distinguished Lecturer Ron... Continue Reading →

My First Time With Broadcasting

Last Wednesday, I had an opportunity with a few of my classmates to do a radio broadcast. York College has a radio station called YC Radio where mostly journalism students can do broadcasts on whatever subject they please. Whether it is sports, campus life, current events, or even video games. It was my first time... Continue Reading →

August 21st, 2017

Happy...August 21st to everyone watching the eclipse. Whether you're at home or outside (wearing proper protection, of course), it is truly a beautiful thing to see. I have never seen an eclipse in real life before, so it was very interesting to see. For those who couldn't make it outside, you can check out a... Continue Reading →

Altering Photos

  Recently, my mother and I went to Queens Center Mall to do a few errands when we came across this wall. It was an advertisement of a store or something within the area and I thought it looked pretty cool. So my mom and I took a few photos. Originally, I just wanted to... Continue Reading →

My Experience With Photography

This year, I've had the opportunity to do and see many things. I got an internship at the local Rockaway newspaper The Wave, which will start in the Fall and learned how to operate a film camera. The one I own (which you've seen on the Home page) is a Nikon FM10. You can get... Continue Reading →

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