York App Released

Written on 09-23-2016

The new YCC app is a social communications and academic organizer. YC Cardinal was created by Oohlala Mobile Inc., a Canada-based company that specializes in making student engagement online accessible and engaging. Up to now, they have worked with up to 200 academic institutions. The app was released this summer on August 3rd, 2016, covering iOS and android platforms.

Valeria Astudillo, the executive director of Student Government, stated that students could better communicate with each other as well as faculty members with the app. Astudillo, who also uses YCC, said the app is useful for students to gather information whether for a course or even financial aid.

“I find that the app helps people communicate faster. For example, if you have a question concerning financial aid and the office isn’t open, you can type in a question on the app. Students and faculty can help you get advice faster so that you won’t have to wait for the office to open.”


Mario Henriquez, a 30-year old Occupational Therapy Junior



“I only use the for personal reasons, so I don’t use it as much. Maybe once a week. I have a lot of classes, but it’s good”, said Mario Henriquez, a 30-year old Occupational Therapy Junior said.

Ahmed Adam, who graduated in June and the former treasurer of SG, originally pitched the idea for a York-central app in a meeting but almost did not become approved. Eventually, SG agreed to the idea to having a York-focused app instead of just being centralized on the CUNY app, according to Adam.

Beta testing also took place in the summer with students, faculty, and even SGA members.  The purpose was to get people’s views on what was successful and suggestions of improvement.




After downloading the app and registering, the first thing that pops up when opening the app are the different posts and photos from students, almost in the sense someone would use on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

The app is organized in a Campus Feed into separate categories, each going by different student needs. From there, students can check the Feed to see what their friends are up to as well as get information around campus. Students can even access the Lost and Found online in the event that they find a lost item. The lost item is posted online with a picture and caption and placed in the Public Safety office.

When registering, the app also has options for LGBT students. “Something also meaningful from the meeting where we came up with the name. We had a chance to also advocate for the inclusion of various gender options when students first fill out a membership form to gain access to the app. Before this only male and female were the only options. But now you have other options like transgender and for folks who are non-gender conforming there is a choice for that as well”, Y. David Tobo, a USS Senator of York’s SGA said.


David Tobo, USS Senator for York SGA

The app cost about $8,000.00 to fund, Tobo stated.

Since the app just came out, some students have experienced issues with it.

“The app takes long to open, for 2 seconds or 5 seconds. If there’s no Wi-Fi, pictures take longer to upload”, said Astudillo.

Henriquez stated, “I have trouble logging in and the regular email for my classes doesn’t show up in my notifications. I still use it but not that much.”


20-year-old Wilton Adames, undecided major


20-year-old Wilton Adames, undecided major, said, “I’m not interested because there are other ways to connect on social media like the SEEK Instagram page or the York Mail. In my opinion, I’m more face-to-face.”


In an interview, Tobo stated that he would also try to persuade all campus departments to utilize the app. About 1,300

Although there are problems, it remains to be seen how the app will perform and develop as time goes on.




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