SGA Elections

Written on 4/6/2017

With the election for Student Government fast approaching, students and faculty have raised concerns over issues in York College. Ranging from safe spaces to budgeting, people included their input as to how York’s atmosphere could be improved.

Shanel Fowler, a 25-year-old Computer Science major gave her opinion over what could benefit students and be cost-efficient. “I think there should be some sort of discount for MetroCards or at the very least, the college should make it free for students”, she said. “That way, students wouldn’t have to pay out of their own pockets”.

There have been many concerns over what will happen to students who are familiar with renting textbooks from the bookstore, which will be shutting down soon.

“I usually rent my books and my lab codes from the bookstore. I feel the bookstore benefits a lot of people because some teachers actually reserve them for classes, so it would be a place where students could benefit a lot”, 19-year-old Nursing major Eric Velasco said. “I feel bad because that’s where people can find textbooks easily at a reasonable price rather than getting them at full price. Also, York memorabilia like the sweaters and hoodies tend to be bought by people because they want to represent York”.

Velasco also said the bookstore’s closing would put students at a disadvantage since they would much difficulty acquiring the textbooks needed for their classes.

In addition, there have been situations in past SGA elections where the number of senators running for senator positions did not meet the College Senate’s requirements. Last years, only 28 students ran for senator positions. The Senate’s requirement stated that 32 or more people had to be running, according to SGA President SGA President.

Vincent Banrey, the Vice President of Student Development said this requirement exists for a good reason. “In order to better help the students, there needs to be an equal number of students and faculty members. It’s all about balance”.

People have also asked for spaces for students to relax and unwind before they have classes. Students like Velasco feel this would be a major advantage for students instead of wandering around. “I find myself wandering around because I have 3 or 4 hour gaps between classes and I know there’s a game room which is good, but it’s crowded. It would be really good to have a rec center or something”.

The plans for the seating arrangements have been in action for some time, according to Banrey, and there are plans in the making to renovate areas for students to socialize and relax. “About $190,000.00 will be used so that we can have lounge furniture for the students. We’ll have tables set up in different locations like the atrium and we’ll have little stools by the charging stations in the cafeteria”. The plans have yet to be finalized.

“I believe that Student Government is important because you’re advocating for students’ needs. There’s a lot of misconceptions about what Student Government does or people don’t know what we do”, David Tobo, a USS Senator for York College said.

Students running for SGA will take part in a campaign period from the 31st to the 19th of next month in order to introduce themselves to the student body. On the 19th, ‘Candidates Day’ will have them present their platform. The official days for the election will be from Thursday, April 20th to the 21st in the atrium.


UPDATE: The story is available on the Pandora’s Box website.

Campus Concerns Arise from SGA Elections


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