Photojournalism: Aaron Hernandez

In the wake of the death of fallen football star Aaron Hernandez, many people have shared their reactions to the news. Hernandez’s death was particularly abrupt as he was appealing his 2013 conviction for the shooting death of his friend, Odin Lloyd. Some expressed sympathy for the deceased, while others believe the situation Hernandez was facing was avoidable.

York Journalism: PERSPECTIVE ON HERNANDEZ SUICIDE Photo and Story by: Brienne Kenlock From football fame to being found guilty for murder, famed football star Aaron Hernandez committed suicide last Wednesday in his cell. He was convicted in 2013 for killing his friend, Odin Lloyd, receiving a life sentence. 21-year-old Naomi Aguirre, a Communications Technology major, said Hernandez could have done better. “To me, he had so much potential to further himself and help his community, but he just wasted it”, she said. “I don’t really know much about him, but it’s really sad”.
York Journalism: REACTION TO HERNANDEZ’S DEATH Photo and Story by: Brienne Kenlock The death of infamous Patriots star Aaron Hernandez has many people sharing their condolences for his family, and others expressing their take on his death. 18-year-old Shavante Ross, an undecided major said Hernandez should have lived his time. “In a sense, I understand why someone would do that-you have a life sentence over your head and you’re getting out anytime soon. But for him to do that and leave his family behind-it’s kind of cowardly”. Many have expressed that Hernandez could have achieved more in life had he not become accustomed to an unhealthy lifestyle. In an interview with the Washington Post, Shannon Sharpe recounted Hernandez’s involvement in gang activity-even when he got into football. “Once you reach a certain level, once you reach a professional athlete status, a lot of guys leave that [life] behind; Aaron Hernandez could not”, Sharpe said.
York Journalism: COULD HERNANDEZ GET OFF? Photo and Story by: Brienne Kenlock In the days following Aaron Hernandez’s death, there has been speculation over whether the Patriots may-or may not be obligated to pay the disgraced player’s family millions of dollars. According to the New York Post, under an obscure Massachusetts law called abatement ab initio, meaning ‘from the beginning’, his conviction for the death of his friend Odin Lloyd in 2013 might be vacated, which he was appealing at the time before his death. Under contract, the Patriots was said to owe $3.5 million, along with $2.5 million that was halted after he was arrested in 2013. However, the Boston Globe later debunked the theory in an article, stating that even if he was not convicted, he still breached the contract. “I do understand why he did it-it was all for his daughter”, said 19-year-old Business major Jonathan Lawrence. He stated due to the circumstances, Hernandez probably thought there was a way out. “He had life in prison-he probably thought he didn’t have a choice. I feel bad for his family, most of all his daughter. Now she has to grow up without a dad”, Lawrence stated.

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