August 21st, 2017

Happy...August 21st to everyone watching the eclipse. Whether you're at home or outside (wearing proper protection, of course), it is truly a beautiful thing to see. I have never seen an eclipse in real life before, so it was very interesting to see. For those who couldn't make it outside, you can check out a... Continue Reading →

Women’s March

Written on 4/6/2017 Millions of people protested outside of the White House not only to emphasize women’s contributions to society as a reaction against President Trump and what is perceived as a setback to equality. Marie Richard, a 24-year-old social work major attended the march. She referred to the president’s past behavior, especially his interactions... Continue Reading →

In the wake of the death of fallen football star Aaron Hernandez, many people have shared their reactions to the news. Hernandez's death was particularly abrupt as he was appealing his 2013 conviction for the shooting death of his friend, Odin Lloyd. Some expressed sympathy for the deceased, while others believe the situation Hernandez was facing... Continue Reading →

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