My First Time With Broadcasting

Last Wednesday, I had an opportunity with a few of my classmates to do a radio broadcast. York College has a radio station called YC Radio where mostly journalism students can do broadcasts on whatever subject they please. Whether it is sports, campus life, current events, or even video games.

It was my first time learning how to do a broadcast. Me and my partners Jamel Harris, Sadat Rahman, Donovan Budhai, and Mohammed Oalnefaire had to write a 90-word script about anything newsworthy.

How do I sound? Is this topic interesting enough? Is the mic close enough to my face? Things like that in my head make me worried. I never did speak over the radio before and I wasn’t too fond over my voice.

Bryan Graves, the man who operates the studio said to me, “It’s all about character. How you present yourself. Just be you.”

To be honest, my partners were nervous as well. We did several takes just to make sure everything was in check. Then came the final take.

After that, I felt really good about it. I feel a little less nervous about speaking on radio, but i want to practice some more.

So what do you think of the broadcast?


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