Altering Photos



Recently, my mother and I went to Queens Center Mall to do a few errands when we came across this wall. It was an advertisement of a store or something within the area and I thought it looked pretty cool. So my mom and I took a few photos.




Originally, I just wanted to create a new wallpaper for my new phone and I couldn’t help but be interested in the fourth picture at the beginning of the second row. Maybe it’s the artistic value or perhaps its just a rose and a pair of lips giving off a warm aesthetic, I don’t know. So I isolated the rose lips.

20170727_133705And to be honest, it looks even better by itself!

Afterwards, I got bored and started playing around with the editing tool. By changing the contrast, brightness, saturation, hue and temperature, I created a GIF using the photo gallery on my phone.

Queens C. flower

Pretty cool, huh?

It seems that boredom makes me do random things, so I fooled around with another photo. This is of my friend, Zeke at the beach with a few of our friend before he left for vacation in the Dominican Republic.


So I did the same thing and…

Zeke in ColorWhat do you think? To be honest, it does give off a ‘rave’ vibe.

Which photo (altered or otherwise) do you guys like?













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