Pandora’s Box May Issue

Here is the latest issue of Pandora’s Box and my last. It was a good run and I feel can use my experiences to advance in my journalistic career!

#MeToo and Journalism
This story covered the #MeToo Movement and its impact on aspects of society, including the world of journalism. Guest panelists and journalists Sadef Kully, Helen Benedict, and Mahrunissa Wani share their views and experiences on sexual misconduct. Published May 24th, 2018
Life in the Lens
Life in the Lens presented three panelists and the topic of video and journalism. The panelists share their experiences coming up in the journalism industry and offer advice to students. Published May 24, 2018

2 thoughts on “Pandora’s Box May Issue

  1. jeremiahriveranews says:

    im so happy that you did so many great things for the school paper since I graduated! Congratulations!

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