First story…?

The first story I was going to do for Pandora’s Box was about the York College Administration’s decision to let go Ronald St. John, the Director of the Sports Program.
At first, Chris Singh, the Sports editor for Pandora’s Box told me to wait so he could see if he could get a little information. However, no one wanted to talk to him, seeing that it was a big situation. The same thing happened to me as well, with my contacts being tight-lipped.

So, for my first story in this class, I am thinking about covering the Student Elections meeting for Student Government, which will be held on March 10th in Room AC-1M06.

My back-up idea would be to cover the “Ban All Procrastination” which is on March 8th from 12pm to 1 pm in AC-1G03 in the Counciling Center.

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